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Redemption and Release LLC – Online Business Bureau (OBB) – Service You Can Trust

Redemption and Release, LLC is the worlds largest  Timeshare Redemption ® company. The Redemption and Release LLC OBB Online Business Bureau report (located here) shows a company that has been RECOMMENDED and is in GOOD STANDINGS – with ZERO complaints filed and has been an industry leader for almost 5 years.

Dunn and Bradstreet, the most trusted leader in commercial business insight, gives Redemption and Release LLC their highest rating possible, PLATINUM (see report here). Not only are the Redemption and Release LLC Online Business Bureau Reports better than their competitors, the prestigious Dunn and Bradstreet platinum recommendation provides reassurance to those seeking help in finally achieving timeshare freedom! To have a platinum rating with Dunn and Bradstreet means that Redemption and Release LLC has made a commitment to superior customer service, transparency in day-to-day operations coupled with the lowest prices available in the industry. At Redemption and Release the client always comes first.

The reason why Redemption and Release LLC has a 100% success rate and a zero complaint history is because they bridge a fundamental gap missing in the timeshare ownership cycle. Our typical clients have many years of successful timeshare ownership, but recently their travel habits have changed and they have become disenchanted with their timeshare ownership. This change in desire of ownership leaves these same owners looking for a safe and effective exit solution.

Unfortunately, due to this tsunami of timeshare owners seeking to divest themselves from their financial obligations, it has left the secondary market devastated. An overwhelming supply and virtually no demand. Timeshare owners can no longer expect to sell their property and the market is currently to where consumers  can’t give away their timeshare ownership. The timeshare owner is now stuck indefinitely paying fees for something they have no desire to own and can’t sell. The secondary market will continue to remain devastated because consumers are becoming more aware of the financial burdens that come with timeshare ownership. 

Over the past 10 years the owner of our company worked hand-in-hand with Travel Clubs who absorb this unwanted inventory for exclusive memberships into their clubs. The relationships formed with these clubs over the past 10 years has given Redemption and Release LLC the ability to take over these otherwise “toxic” assets and repurpose them successfully to Travel Clubs.

Redemption and Release, LLC is successfully bridging the gap between desperate timeshare owners looking to divest their ownership and large scale inventory aggregates that absorb these properties. In every case our valued customers timeshare is deeded to our name and we assume all financial responsibilities on the property  We later divest our ownership to an interested Travel Club or maintain it for our own marketing purposes.

The benefit for our client is tremendous, and they always receive what they paid for – a legal and permanent end to their timeshare ownership. Redemption and Release LLC – the nation’s premiere troubled vacation asset divestment company. Redemption and Release LLC Online Business Bureau “Recommended Status” proves we are a company you can trust.